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Full Version: Brothel keepers know how to invest in style
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Brothel keepers know how to invest in style
'It's going to be a shock to our friends'
Peter and Nikki Matthews are coming out about just what their business is. They are likely Hamilton's biggest brothel keepers, with 500 girls on their books in the seven years since they began their foray into the sex industry.

Tattooed, shady characters with underworld connections? Far from it.

She's the secretary of the PTA and an active parent at the local country school in the wealthy mansion belt where they live. He's a well-spoken former musician who until now often waved his hands and muttered words like "property" when new friends asked what they did.

The pair own a small, software development business, but a growing empire is now headlined by Hamilton's two best-known brothels, and soon, a private swingers club nestled in a former swanky city eatery.

Calendar Girls owners Peter and Nikki Matthews have confirmed adding California Girls to a stable of businesses many friends have no idea about.

"The place, when we bought it, was a dive," says Nikki. "It was horrible. It had been a parlour there for something like 40 years. It was just a mess." The rear of the ageing building was demolished and rebuilt, designed for the business. They have similar renovation plans for California Girls once they open the new swingers club.

The country's largest "swingers" website boasts 53,000 members. There will be no crossover between their paid and "lifestyle" venues, says Peter. "It would not be good business for us to bring prostitutes in here and get them to hustle for business. They have already paid $80 at the door."

Occasionally at parties a man will sometimes loudly profess to know Peter. The return of memory is generally followed by a slinking departure, and despite the couple's success, the tale confirms old stigmas do remain.That's despite clients including everyone from freezing workers to judges.

But the industry can be a rat's nest and they've been known to help girls get out."If somebody doesn't want to be working in this industry, we absolutely believe that you shouldn't be in it," says Nikki. She holds her head, wondering what the crèche will think. And the school. "I'm the bloody secretary of the [Parent Teacher Association] for God's sake," she blurts. "This is going to be a shock to our friends. I'm really nervous".

Their three older children know about the Matthews' significant sex industry investments, but the two youngest - who they refuse to discuss - do not. They concede losing acquaintances who found out about their business. "We're not doing anything wrong. I know some people have a moral issue. "It doesn't make us bad, it just makes them a bit judgmental," says Peter.

"Having got into the sex industry, we've discovered it's a reasonably good business. It has its problems. Some of the people and situations do conform to what the general public might have as a general stereotype of the industry.

"There is an element of that, in terms of drug use, poverty among the girls. But these are not necessarily areas we should be getting involved with. "These are all grown up people, making their own decisions."

Dave notes of coures this is New Zealand where like many countries have huge brothels all legal and beneficial in my view to a cuture.
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