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Scottsdale Warning about ads again
02-17-2019, 01:54 AM
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Scottsdale Warning about ads again
I haven't looked at the Scottsdale police blotter for a long time but from the weekly arrest report for 2/3/2019: Scottsdale is making arrests again for advertising as an escort without license permit number on ads.- which also applies to websites.

For example:
A 29 yr-old female from Gilbert was arrested on 2/8/2019 at a location at N Marshall Wy for "Escort Advertisements Contain Scottsdale Permit No". (Descriptions limited so am sure is for not having)

While I have never seen an ad that complies or heard of any escort getting licensed (cannot of courses be sexual) due to public information, hours open for inspection etc rules, it is bad in Scottsdale since it is a criminal charge with the mandatory 15-days in jail on first offense - just like prostitution in all of Arizona.

A couple other cities have this as criminal vs the State law is just a licensing violation as in Phoenix. However, cities can make criminal as Scottsdale did a few years ago.

Ads/websites that mention Scottsdale as a location are at risk.

Be careful since unlike much of the world our laws make everyone at higher risk vs legal "harm reduction" models on Canada, Germany, New Zealand, U.K., and many other countries where individual consenting adult sexual freedoms are respected.

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