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FOSTA has stopped 90% of online sex trafficking, rejoices Republicans and one says "
08-03-2018, 04:44 PM
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FOSTA has stopped 90% of online sex trafficking, rejoices Republicans and one says "
Of course, the problem is the definition of "sex trafficking" which includes consenting adult ads and reviews.

Slick video proclaiming the saving folks from sex trafficking at

Comments include:
"The enactment of FOSTA will make the internet safer, dismantle this insidious market, and prevent further victimization." - Rep. Bob Goodlatte

Not only Sesta/Fosta simply swept the problem under the rug... It actively made the work of law enforcement much harder and made helping the victims much more dificult.

"The cases, according to Sgt. John Daggy, an undercover officer with IMPD’s vice unit, have just dried up.

The reason for that is pretty simple: the feds closed police’s best source of leads, the online personals site Backpage, earlier this year.

“We’ve been a little bit blinded lately because they shut Backpage down,” Daggy said. “I get the reasoning behind it, and the ethics behind it, however, it has blinded us. We used to look at Backpage as a trap for human traffickers and pimps.”

It is driving some sex workers right into the arms of pimps whereas before they were able to work without pimps. It drives any victims which do exist deeper underground much harder to find. Thankfully the scope of forced sex labor in the usa is nowhere near as prevalent as opposition to prostitution has claimed. But can this be seen as a silver lining? Otherwise this law has damaged millions of consenting adults engaging in consensual sex. Now if that was the honest point (we believe it is) consider it a success. It’s not going to prevent forced sex labor any more than a law against prostitution prevents prostitution.

Sites like backpage allowed for people to work independently. The majority of individuals on backpage was consenting adults who have bills to pay and family's to feed. This law has ruined peoples livelihoods, many people have gone back to the streets where they are vulnerable to pimps and criminals. You created more victims, because they are also finding it harder to support there family and pay bills.

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