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8/18/2018 Centerfolds Reopen & Great time - in fact met new owner
08-19-2018, 03:22 AM
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8/18/2018 Centerfolds Reopen & Great time - in fact met new owner
Centerfolds was to reopen Thursday so about 12:30 AM Sat (actually Sun morning) stopped by. The new owners were denied a liquor license and have now appealed. The club opened as non-alcohol nude club - more on this later.

I had plenty of parking room in the front lot and no one was parked in the back lot.

There is free admission Thurs-Sunday for the reopening but charge a $10 drink fee to get in. My usual diet coke was therefore quite expensive!

Only the prior nude side was open. The large topless just had chairs moved to the side could see a bit peeking through the gate. The chairs and back couch area seem newer, as I recall they were quite beat up when I last visited a few years ago.

Smaller old nude side not very busy - a fast count yielded about 20 guys and at first didn't see anyone working the floor although the ratio of dancers to guys was quite good.

The dancers seemed quite attractive to old Dave, only one overweight one I noticed (I prefer slim and smaller naturals)

Before I got too bored, Stacy introduces self and sits next to me (not in lap which is a bad sign). However, I start asking about the club and she is very open about what is going on, and then she gets interested since I know even more about the liquor license fight etc.

Very nice body (my smaller naturals) and great conversation. She has worked at Centerfolds (CF) about 15 years and also works at Scores when CF isn't open but much prefers CF. Did two dances on the back wall $20/each and very nice a 4+ on my intimacy scale and frank discussion of the touch issues at various clubs.

Back to my seat after a great time with Stacy, soon I am approached by Brooklyn also a long time regular before it closed. I was initially turned off by her "wanna dance" standing approach and breasts seemed a bit larger than my idea but otherwise nice slim body so what the heck. But somehow started about the club, she sat down on chair next to me and as I was about to go have some dances with her.......

As we are talking Stacy comes over and wants to introduce me to one of the club owners (big guy with her) as she had mentioned to him how much I knew about the club's issues and well known on the Internet. I wasn't sure if he wanted to take me in the back room and be mad at me or what!

But off we go to sit at a table on the old larger not vacant area .. and we talked like for about 45 minutes!

Very open and friendly discussion telling me the complete history of what happened and is going on. I will keep something's private but after the incident there were I forget either 4 or 5 offers to buy the club from the out of the country prior owner. He told me all the details and how the current group got together and outdid the others.

He had a very different take from the local media on the "incident" from January 2017. Describing in detail how the drunk firefighter guy they refused to serve more to was many times asked to leave the club or would call the police for trespassing. They got him to the parking lot where the guy repeatedly made attack runs on the 300 lb bouncer even went to car and kept coming back for a running attack on the bouncer in the parking lot. The club had like 35 cameras recording all this. The "sling" he took off and put in his back pocket when attacking the bouncer. As media has reported he fell to the ground, hit his head and later died in the hospital Just last week the bouncer took a plea deal for 2nd-degree murder and 10 years in prison. Apparently, he didn't want to risk going to trial with self-defense as his defense. This had nothing to do of course with the current owners.

He also discussed in great depth the current fight with the liquor board and certain neighbors. Assuming the appeal is denied there may be grounds to sue the Board in Federal Court. He is confident they will eventually win but it could take a year.

In the meantime intends to keep open as a non-alcohol nude club. Even may open part of it to male strippers - which might get the neighbors more happy to be just a female strip club!

I was pleasantly surprised how open and friendly he was to share very detailed information based on whatever Stacy told him about our conversation.

I didn't go back afterward since close to 2 AM to see if could find Brooklyn to continue with but my limited experience with Stacy and almost with Brooklyn gave me a favorable impression of the club.

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