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Legislation to study the health and safety aspects of the prostitution law with the i
02-16-2019, 06:38 PM
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Legislation to study the health and safety aspects of the prostitution law with the i
Legislation to study the health and safety aspects of the prostitution law with the intent to support decrim.

At least this study is doing something, but the focus on gender equality may be misplaced with all the funding by the anti's for Demand Reduction stings going after male customers which would offset this argument.

However, the impetus behind the proposed study is related to a strip club.

The back story of this is the bust at the Foxy Lady strip club which has a long history of controversy. It was closed due to alleged organized crime/mob boss connections. Then in January 2019, it reopened after it won a lawsuit. In the local media, the question is Who's making the money? And what are they selling? The two questions related to the alleged owner/manager mob connection and the arrests of three dancers for prostitution.

Highlights on NBC affiliate 2/13/2019
PROVIDENCE, R.I., (WJAR) -- Rhode Island laws making consensual sex acts illegal need to be reconsidered, according to state Rep. Anastasia Williams.

She said it’s a matter of gender equity, as her resolution states that criminalization of prostitution disproportionately impacts women, transgender people and people of color.

“How it is right now, it’s the woman’s fault, you know, the woman gets penalized, gets punished. The man gets a free pass card, you know, and it’s a situation where there’s two consenting adults participating,” Williams, a Democrat who represents Providence, said.

Advocates for sex workers approve of Williams’s resolution to set up a commission to look at the laws around consensual sexual activity. They said that decriminalizing prostitution would provide more safety for sex workers.

A Providence law enforcement official said their concern is people being forced into sex work, as well as laws against prostitution help them interrupt that dynamic.

But Caytlin Bailey, a former sex worker with the organization Decriminalize Sex Work, said decriminalization would improve the health and safety of sex workers in Rhode Island.

“If you bring black markets into the light, that’s when you can combat violence, that’s when you can report violent criminals, that’s when we can leverage the powers of the state to go after the real criminals,” she said.

Williams resolution is currently before the Judiciary Committee.

If the commission is created, it would report its findings to the House of Representatives in 2020.

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