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SWERFs Growing Attacks on all Forms of Sexwork
02-17-2019, 02:39 AM (This post was last modified: 02-17-2019 03:04 AM by davephx.)
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SWERFs Growing Attacks on all Forms of Sexwork
SWEFTs seem a separate but just as vicious group from the McCain, Hunt sisters, Christians groups etc., that are funding the anti-sex stings with local LE grants under the excuse of sex trafficking etc. And now their focus seems to be on "End Demand" by funding LE stings against customers.

What the heck is a SWERF?
An acronym for sex worker exclusionary radical feminism, SWERF is a term for the ideology upheld by many radical feminists that all sex work, including prostitution, pornography, erotic dancing, web camming, and other work involving sex and sexuality, is wrong, degrading, offensive, and oppressive.

Many SWERFs believe that all sex work must be violent and exploitative and that consensual sex workers participate in perpetuating an immoral and abusive industry. In fact, some even say that consensual sex work is a paradox, suggesting that there is no difference between those who engage in it voluntarily—claiming it is impossible to be a voluntary participant—and women who are coerced into sex work through sex trafficking. Others argue that consensual sex work is possible, but that its participants, as well as the feminists who support and seek to protect them, are perpetuating an exploitative environment.

Many “mainstream” feminists criticize SWERFs for their exclusionary views on sex workers and the industry in which they participate. Despite SWERFs’ supposed concern for the safety of these women, other people note that their practices often perpetuate stereotypes about and endanger the very people they claim are being violated by the sex work industry. Some of their specific concerns include SWERFs’:

• Lack of differentiation between voluntary and involuntary sex work
Many (although not all) SWERFs equate workers who enter the sex work industry out of their own free will with victims of human trafficking. It is important to recognize that the latter category is a form of slavery, while many women choose to work in professions such as erotic dancing and related industries out of their own volition, not because they are being forced to do so. Furthermore, this belief suggests that women should not have the right or agency to choose their own path, even if it is a legal one, as many jobs within sex work are.

• Failure to recognize objectification in other industries
Some people see SWERFs as hypocritical because they claim to be offended by the objectification of sex workers but do not hold the same views about the treatment of members of other industries where the issue is prevalent, such as modeling. This suggests that the goal of SWERFs is to control and tell women how they should use their bodies rather than improve the lives of women who are facing objectification and oppression.

• Bullying of sex workers
Many SWERFs espouse their ideology publicly, not only making women working in sex industries the target of their abusive rhetoric but in some cases also risking the workers’ safety, which they claim to want to protect. For example, SWERFs have been known to engage in doxxing, publicly posting addresses and other personal contact information of women who engage in sex work, as well as protesting at and picketing women’s places of work.

SWERF response to criticism and view of feminism
SWERFs tend to see the term as disparaging, preferring to be referred to as sex work or prostitution abolitionists. They also see themselves as the true feminists, countering the opinions of the many people who suggest that they are actually antifeminists, claiming mainstream feminism actually marginalizes women working in sex industries.

Many SWERFs critique “mainstream” feminism, claiming these feminists don’t recognize or want to protect members of the industry who are being abused or violated, choosing instead to see the work as empowering. However, many feminists argue that they do, in fact, advocate safety in sex work, understanding that many sex workers face violence and abuse regularly.

Some SWERFs also argue that sex workers who do choose the to enter the profession voluntarily and are happy with their work tend to come from privileged backgrounds, claiming that these are the individuals mainstream feminists champion while ignoring those who perform sex work because they are coerced to do so. Many feminists counter this claim as well, noting that satisfaction with a profession within the industry is not limited to “privileged” women.

Sources many that say similar things. However, I found and used the description found at

There is an excellent video attacking SWERFs and supporting sex work against SWERFs at

Also "LIfe as a stripper - lets talk about SWERF"

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