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After the demise of the old xsorbit board, like the Phoenix bird, a better new board was started in February 2009.

I have had the weekly Private List and the List Community by e-mail since 1998 and before that by snail mail since 1996.  The prior board supplemented the weekly Private List but will now be more public with just some forums requiring the usual paid subscription for reviews etc.

To: Escorts/Massage Ladies/Any Strippers - we usually call Companions
Companions have free access to all sections except the reviews once I know you are legitimate. New Companions not on the existing Companion list should e-mail me info including any websites (not CL) or sites where you have reviews, or a reference from another known companion, Preferred 411, or other info so I am convinced you are legitimate.  The Provider ads and pictures sections are open to all to view.  The escort/companion Private section can only be accessed by companions.

Reviews and additional Companion ads/announcements/intros are still done just on the e-mail weekly late Sunday night List update. Companions as always can send me their ads etc. to including any pictures they want posted in in Picture section. You can also post directly in the ad section of the forum, but only ads sent direct to me get on the weekly e-mailed List.

We continue the weekly e-mailed Private List late Sunday nights for paid subscribers and Companions as always.   Eventually we expect to fully transition to this forum.

Forum Registration Info
For current Private and Companion List Members - You have to separately reregister on the new board since we lost the old xsorbit board.

For paid full Private List Subscribers - There never has been tie in between List membership via netbilling and the boards. I wish it could be set up. You have to register separately.

Click New Forum Link below if you are a Companion or subscriber. If not go to Membership info below. However "registered" free members can still access much of the forum without being a paid subscriber but you still have to self register.  There are 3 membership groups with different access, subscriber (paid), Companion (free) and Registered (free).  Unregistered "guests" have limited access but very few forum tools available to them and no posting permissions.

Go to
FORUM LINK. In the future you can do direct to it at 

Click Register in black band left side below top logo banner
Use the e-mail address you get the Private/Companion List from or if new, any address you wish.
Whatever username you wish.
When you register you will get a confirm e-mail which you reply to that verifies legitimate e-mail
I get notification and set up permissions based on your membership status, paid subscriber, registered, or companion.

At this point the forum supplements the e-mailed private weekly list and there is no content in the private areas. Reviews etc are only on the e-mail private list but companion ads link to pictures on the forum.

Membership Information Link

Companions sell their time and provide legal erotic entertainment, companionship or licensed massage and are not soliciting for prostitution. Reviews are for entertainment purposes only and are not promoting any illegal activity. Anything sexual in reviews is assumed to be as consenting adults with no fee paid for anything sexual.

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