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After the demise of the old xsorbit board, like the Phoenix bird, a better new board was started in February 2009.

Orignally I had the weekly Private List by e-mail since 1998 and before that by snail mail since 1996.  The prior board supplemented the weekly. At one point we had about 1500 subcribers (always free to various types of sex workers/advocates)

While we have never recommended or promoted illegal acts we discontinued ads and reviews many years ago.  The e-mail private list is now only about monthly about advocacy to change the prostitution law for in private consenting adults, the fake victim industry and following court cases.  It is free as it has always been for sex industry workers to be aware of what is going on in the industry.

Some items are also posted on this forum

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Old - has not been updated for years with the new legal attacks on private consenting adults and the victim industry sham.  Instead of following a harm reduction model massive grants go to the mostly fake victim and sex trafficking scam excuse while probably 90% of arrests are private consenting adults.   We need to decriminalize consenting adults which will reduce harm potential and free up LE and court resources to go after the maybe 10% of "real" pimps and victims. Not the "pretend victims" of the current enforcement scams.